All classes at JSD are programs developed with a syllabus to progress students from beginning to intermediate to advanced levels. Children are placed according to ability not age. 

Children’s Dance: All levels are one hour classes consisting of Tap and Ballet that introduces technique in a fun and nuturing enviroment. These classes have been developed to explore and improvise dance experiences on the child’s level with emphasis on an increasing ability to use movement creatively.

Beginner: This class introduces young children to dance in a playful setting. They are taught basic movement skills in Ballet and Tap as well as rhythm and coordination with song and dance routines.

Intermediate: Second year students will continue their studies in Ballet and Tap concentrating primarily on introducing the students to the world of dance vocabulary. Students will also be introduced to Barre work in both forms of dance.

Dance Combo: Most levels are a one and a half hour program consisting of Ballet, Tap & Jazz.

Dance Combo Level I/II: This class continues developement of Ballet and Tap technique at the intermediate level and introduces the fundamentals of Jazz dance technique.

Dance Combo Level II/III: This class continues developement of Ballet, Tap and Jazz with emphasis placed on increased stamina, strength, control, vocabulary, balance, correct alignment & quality of movement.

Jazz Level III/IV: A one hour Jazz class designed to meet the needs of the students who have mastered the intial and/or intermediate phase of jazz. This class has been developed to broaden skills in standard jazz movement – extensions, isolations and contractions.

Pre-Pointe Class: A one hour class providing instruction in the basic movements upon which all movements in Ballet are built. posture and Alignment are stressed as well as foot articulation and proper use of turn-out. The class incorporates barre work, center combinations and large movements across the floor.During this period of study, students repeat the former excercises in an increased number, stressing the development of strength in the legs and feet through excercises on half-toe and the coordination between movements.Students will be taught the Cecchetti terminology for movements.

Pointe Classes: A one hour class providing instruction in Classical Ballet with emphasis on strengthening and developing the smooth connection of movements of the arms and body. At this level, the execution of all fundamental movements is carried through with finishing touches to reach the perfection of classical dance and the physical development of artistry.

Tap Level III/IV: A one half hour class presenting the knowledge and skills in intermediate/advanced tap steps and vocabulary, use of rhythms, and tap dance combinations.

Hip Hop: A one hour class consisting of a popular urban youth culture style of dance that provides a funkier edge to the basic styles of dance. This energetic and fun class incorporates the newest moves seen in today’s music videos


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